Our experienced division trainers are always available to offer a personalised training experience on flying one of the most temperamental flying machines. It may seem difficult, but under the trainers’ guidance, helicopter will turn to be one of the most favourite means of flight. 

Ground School: IVAO has one of most complete training documentation libraries available for simulation flight training. The documentation covers a huge variety of ground school knowledge, that will improve the “as real as it gets” experience. No matter your experience, it is always valuable to do a brief reading on the Helicopter Related Documents. During our flights and training, you will always have the chance to improve the theoretical knowledge. 

Flight Training: Every group flight with HeliOps Group is a training flight for every member of the group, as every mission has different objective and every time, we get to learn a new skill and remember the basic rules of helicopters flight.

For new helicopter pilots, the SOG Trainers will sit with the trainees and explain how a helicopter flies, how do we control it and why it is much easier that we may realise. The first training flights are usually conducted in small single or dual engines helicopters who have proven their ability to be easily controlled and are amateur pilot friendly. One freeware example for X-Plane is Rotorsim’s EC-135. Our trainers will suggest entry level helicopters for the simulators any pilot use and will assist with setting up joystick controls in a realistic manner.

Exams: There are no exams. You will only be “tested” on your ability to be enthusiastic in our group flights and missions and be able to communicate with other members and ATC. In a simulated world, your pilot skills are tested with every minute of flight, as in real world. The only difference is that in a simulator you have the option to restart the flight. So, fly responsible and remember: this training is NOT TRANSFERABLE to real life flying