About Us

IVAO Greece

International Virtual Aviation Organization Greece, IVAO Greece for short, is a member of IVAO. IVAO Greece was founded in May of 2001 and still to this day is delivering to all it’s members, high quality services within the Greek FIR.

Currently, with the assistance of our staff, we have managed to serve every type of operation offered through IVAO along with social events which are taking place every month in our FIR.

This year, we have introduced our new website with more tools and assisting kit for you in order to make your experience more realistic and simulate the principles of flight and ATC in our division and in general on our Network.

With slogan,”everyday there is an opportunity to learn something new to improve myself”, we have introduced in the past months a new voice server on Discord to help you to learn something new from us and also for us to learn something new from you.

As part of IVAO family, we will try our best to make your experience within our division and FIR unforgettable and full of memories

We strongly recommend to come and find us on our Discord server in our community where everybody can benefit. Make sure in every flight you are following the rules of IVAO and stay tuned to our website as more Events are coming for you!