Special Ops

Welcome to the Special Operations of Hellenic Division

The Special Operations – S.O., is a special and demanding part of the flight operations on IVAO. It combines the difficulties and demands of the normal flight with that of aerial firefighting, search and rescue, interception, aerial refueling and others, thus creating a thrilling and interesting environment!

Through these pages you will find all the necessary information for the Special Operations flights.

Rules and Regulations

The Special Operations department has been established to regulate the use of the IVAO network for non civil aviation including, but not limited to, police, search and rescue, military and paramilitary activities..

In order to keep the “spirit of IVAO”, all attacks or any kind of aggression are prohibited on the IVAO network. Any simulated combat exercises shall only be permitted through the procedures established as SOD directive

The Speical Operations Department Directive can be found HERE.

Please read, before you perform a flight, the official Procedures established by our Division and HQ Special Ops

Contact Us

In case of any problems, suggestions or ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us via an email to our Special Ops Coordinator. Don’t forget to state the reason in the subject field. Safe landings!