Virtual Airlines

Registered IVAO™ Virtual Airlines

IVAO Greece works with various Greek Virtual Airlines, which are simulating operations and flights of an airline. Virtual airlines operate just like real-life airlines and may be based on actual airlines or operate as a fictional IVAO airline. 

Virtual airlines give a sense of purpose to activities within the simulation program. In most of the airlines, register under Greek Division, you will find the opportunity to fly regional, international or charter flights and participate in Local or International IVAO events.

In IVAO you can find 3 different types of Virtual Airlines.

Virtual airlines may be organizations that are created with no ties to any real world entity. These organizations are fictional constructs of the participants, who use the roleplaying environment of the group to add a sense of immersion to the gaming activity.

Other virtual airlines are based on real airlines, from major carriers to small operators. These virtual airlines tend to closely follow their real world counterparts in terms of aircraft fleet and routes offered. While there are examples of controversy over copyright issues, the real airline companies tend to allow similarly named virtual airlines to participate within player communities.

Virtual military and paramilitary organizations often operate in a similar way to virtual airlines, but using military aircraft and ranking systems. In IVAO, Special Military operations are regulated, with a strict set of rules,  within the network. Virtual militaries often specialize in one area, such as naval aviation, although there are some organizations that extend across multiple areas of military aviation and sometimes into other areas such as land and maritime operations.

Hellenic Air Force Virtual

Hellenic Air Force Virtual is the virtual air force that was created to simulate our true Air Force. HAFvirtual was founded in 2005. HAFv operates exclusively on the IVAO network and members can be only from the Hellenic Division. It includes flight rules, ratings, training, exercises, missions, group and individual flights, wings, fighters, aircraft and helicopters. HAFv offers training by real pilots, aiming to gradually train members on our hobby.

Sky Express Virtual

Sky Express Virtual, a thriving non-profit based in Heraklion, Greece, operates as a network carrier, connecting Central Europe and select holiday spots with ka modern Airbus and ATR fleet. We utilize top-notch systems, regularly updated, to enhance the flight simulation experience within our IVAO partner network. Join our community today and take flight with us!

Olympic Airlines Virtual

Η Olympic Airlines VA είναι μία εικονική αεροπορική εταιρεία, που δημιουργήθηκε με στόχο την εξομοίωση της πραγματικής Ολυμπιακής Αεροπορίας, όταν αυτή μεσουρανούσε στην παγκόσμια αεροπορική κοινότητα. Έμπειροι αλλά και νέοι εικονικοί πιλότοι, όλοι μαζί, έχουμε φτιάξει μια παρέα, διασκεδάζοντας με το χόμπυ μας, αλλά ταυτόχρονα, μεταλαμπαδεύοντας οι πιο έμπειροι, τις γνώσεις τους στους νεότερους εικονικούς πιλότους.

Hellenic Airlines Virtual

Hellenic airlines virtual is a growing non profit Virtual airline based in Athens Greece. We're a network carrier providing feeder flights within central europe plus certain flights to selected holiday destinations using Airbus and Boeing fleet. We use the most popular and sophisticated systems currently available to the flight simulation community which is continuously been updated. Our Focus is to fly on our Partner Networks (IVAO).

Aegean Airlines Virtual

Aegean Airlines VA is a free, non profit, non commercial organisation,which aims to simulate the flights and operations of the real airline using Flight Simulation Software. Comprised of real world pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Based on Greece's largest airline and utilising Flight Simulation Software, AEv mirrors its daily operations,based on real world schedules, equipment and routes.

Disclaimer: The trademarks, designs and logos displayed on this site are owned by the respective Virtual Airlines.  The logos, information, or descriptions expressed above are solely those of the individual VAs involved and do not necessarily represent those of the real airlines.