Helicopter’s Club

Welcome to Helicopter's club

The Hellenic Division of IVAO (IVAO GR) creates a new Helicopter Operations Group (HeliOps Group) which brings a novel way of flying online, introducing several major changes in the way the virtual service is provided. HeliOps Group offers numerous ways of flying, with civilian helicopters transport operation flights being the beginning of the journey. In its most completed form, the HeliOps Group provides a joint Search and Rescue (SAR) service, joining Hellenic Air Force (HAF), Hellenic Coast Guard (HCG), Hellenic Navy (ΗΝ), Hellenic Fire Service (HFS) and Hellenic Police, Hellenic Merchant Marine Aviation (HMMA). All members are offered a helicopter training course from scratch, effectively improving group’s performance in group flights and SAR missions.

Disclaimer: All aforementioned “services” are not related to the real ones and are not linked or represented in the IVAO network by any mean.

The HeliOps Group was founded on 2021, by a group of rotary-wing aircrafts fans, aiming to simulate all types of helicopter operations. The Hellenic IVAO Division
HeliOps group is offering transportation operations to inaccessible by aircraft areas, and islands within the Hellenic Flight Information Region.

HeliOps Group is also running SAR missions within the Hellenic FIR. Missions are created and run in a weekly basis, and are announced in the respective Discord Channel of IVAO GR. Other special operations HeliOps Groups operate include aerial firefighting operations, aeromedical evacuations, aerial observation, patrol or
survey flights, scientific research flights, etc. Due to the nature of these operations, these flights fall under the Special Operations Department regulations that can be found here. HeliOps Group aims to keep the spirit of IVAO, maintain a high standard of orderly and mature execution of its operations following the “as real as it gets” principle.

The missions performed by the group within the Hellenic FIR. Missions are organised and announced through the respective channel in IVAO GR Discord Server.

HeliOps Group flights may initiate from any Hellenic Airport or Heliport. In SO missions, depending on the Hellenic force service flown, pilots may choose one of the respective HAF bases.

Pilots may use any rotary-wing aircraft of their choice, if it is a fit for the purpose of their flight. Of course, depending on the simulator used, pilots may choose any free or pay-ware addon.

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This is you. Take the helicopter of your choice and join one of the joint operations held on our department. Every IVAO member is welcome. Minimum requirement is passion for aviation and be ready to have extreme fun!

Depending on the nature of the mission, the flight may fall under the SO Regulations. We always follow the Flight Rules as per our flight plan (IFR/VFR) and comply with ATC instructions and contact them as usual. We respect all traffic on IVAO network and never obstruct any other flight.