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Welcome to IVAO Greece

Welcome to IVAO Greece. This section contains all the steps required to get started as a pilot in or division and in general on IVAO. Our team is always here to help you for setting everything up and flying in IVAO network. You are always welcome to our discord to meet with us


If you have not yet registered on IVAO you can register via clicking the button below which redirect you to registration. Keep in mind that you need to register with your real-name, and a valid email address where you will received the VID and Password. Be advised you are not allowed under no circumastances to give your password to anybody,  not even to a staff member

Upon completion of registration you will receive three important items; your member VID, IVAN Password and Website Password.

  • Member VID: 123456 (your personal number used as a username to access all IVAO services)
  • Website Password: abc987cvb (your password to access the IVAO website, forum and other web services and applications

To view your profile and access all your personal details you can login through Note that, IVAO as a registered NPO at Belgium comply with General Data Protection Regulations.

In case you have lost or forgotten your passwords, you can for a password reminder via clicking the link below

Download Software

You can download IVAO software clicking here. There are three software which you can download. The one is the Pilot Client: Altitude which you will use in order to connect on IVAO’s network to fly, the second is the ATC Client: Aurora which you will use in order to provide ATC services to the pilots flying in the network, and the connector Artifice which is used to provide a view from the airport which you control

Learn to Aviate, Navigate and Communicate

Aviate – learning to fly an aircraft is a key part. Everyone learns in different way, however, there are a lot of tutorials available and tutorials regarding learning the principles of flight and aircraft.

Navigate – navigation is important part of aviation. There is a variety of documentation available to you in order to learn to navigate. Always is fascinating to fly a large airliner jet but don’t forget that learning the basics it is even more fascinating using a small aircraft and returning to the old days of aviation

Communicate –  communication in aviation is a key factor for flight safety. Knowing how to communicate with the ATC and the pilots will maximize your experience in the network

Learning to aviate, navigate and communicate can be learnt through reading the IVAO’s documentation or seeking for assistant on forum or discord.

FAQ for new Pilots

You can find routes on Simbrief and also you can create your flight plan through Skyvector for IFR flights. Also another good software is the PFPX.

You can see who is online through Webeye. You can check on the webeye, what ATC is available on the area that you are flying 

There are plenty of ways to get supported on our network

  • Contact any staff member on our Discord server
  • Depending on what help you can contact us via email.
  • Feel free to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Tweeter and Discord

Yes IVAO Greek Division offers training to anyone to its members

In order to login into into the network you have to install Altitude for flying, Aurora for controlling, Artiface watching the traffic while controlling.

After you have successfully installed the software, you can login via using your VID on the welcome email and IVAN Passwords. If you are having trouble, read the following documentation

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