Welcome to the Training Departement

In this section you will find all the relevant information regarding our training sessions held by our knowledgeable staff of Greek Division. They have spend plenty of hours producing materials which will help you to understand the basics of flight and learn how to fly correctly an airplane. Bear in mind that we are not going to provide training for an individual aircraft (i.e type rating). Also, we are kindly ask from you to respect our time that we will spend to you to train you and if we find out that you are not studying or showing the required attention, we may stop providing training to you

Training Guides

This department is divided in two main categories ATC and Pilots. Each category needs different type of training and practical sessions. Remember that a good and high quality ATC must know the principles of flight in order to manage efficiently the traffic. Thus, please read below the series of lessons created by Antonis Manalis, a skillful and real world pilot to guide in the world of flight.

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Otherwise, contact gr-training@ivao.aero for further details