The main role of this department is to assist you, the virtual pilot, in all of your online flights.

The Flight Operations Staff is here to help you to plan in the best possible way your flights.

Should you face any problem, or have any request or proposal; feel free to contact either your divisional “Flight Operations Coordinator”, or if your division doesn’t doesn’t have one, any member of your divisions Senior staff.

“As real as it gets !” Therefore, we kindly ask every member to fly to the best extend of your¬†abilities and always contribute to the attainment of the maximum realism.

We want to remind you that the connection to the network must exclusively be initiated when the airplane is on the ground, at the parking stand, not on the runway. This happens pretty often, and we would like you to take special care to avoid that problem.

Be patient and polite with ATC, remember that some members are just starting on the network and are gaining experience.

We have all been rookies once, so before you connect and enjoy the wonderful world of IVAO, check the Rules and Regulations. We kindly invite you to follow them as much as you can.