Welcome to IVAO

IVAO or International Virtual Aviation Organisation is an incredibly cool organisation which allows you to learn and become a virtual pilot or air traffic controller on a global network with thousands of members. Our community creates and supplies the software that you need to connect to the network and always the services of our network will alwaysbe free

If you have not yet registered on IVAO you can register via clicking the button below which redirect you to registration. Keep in mind that you need to register with your real-name, and a valid email address where you will received the VID and Password. Be advised you are not allowed under no circumastances to give your password to anybody,  not even to a staff member

Upon completion of registration you will receive three important items; your member VID, IVAN Password and Website Password.

To view your profile and access all your personal details you can login through ivao.aero. Note that, IVAO as a registered NPO at Belgium comply with General Data Protection Regulations. 

In case you have lost or forgotten your passwords, you can for a password reminder via clicking the link below

We are nearly there...

IVAO, since 2019 has launched a new software which maximize your flying experience through the network. For pilots, IVAO uses the new, updated and high-standard software called Pilot Altitude which can be used on all the operating systems and utilises a unique experience for the VHF communication. For Air Traffic controllers, IVAO uses Aurora, which have been developed by Makis Giantsidis our Assistant Director of IVAO Greece and realises the real ATC systems. You can download with the link below

Rules & Regulations

Before flying in the network of IVAO it is important that you have understood  the rules and regulations of IVAO. You can find the Rules and regulation following the link below

Help and Support


The  Greek Division Forum, where there is no need for an additional registration as long as you have already registered to IVAO. In our forums you will be able to find answers to questions related to the Network, communicate with other members, post your screenshots and experiences, find out about events and so on.


The Greek Discord, where you can find our staff and members and ask any question or discuss anything. Greek Discord is a welcome and friendly environment where aviation is starring and plenty of conversation are taking places.