IFR Tour

Number of Legs18
Averange Distance per Leg220 Nm
Average Time per Leg45 Minutes
AircarftAny Aicraft Category A, B, C

Business Jet Tour

Number of Legs25
Averange Distance per Leg715 Nm
Average Time per LegAbout 2 Hours
AircarftClass B or C IFR equipped aircraft

Long Haul Tour

Number of Legs21
Averange Distance per Leg3461 Nm
Average Time per Leg8 Hours 10 Mins
AircarftHeavy – Category D

VFR Tour

Number of Legs20
Averange Distance per Leg90 Nm
Average Time per Leg45 Mins
AircarftAny Aircarft – Category A

Cargo Tour

This tour has been created

Number of Legs15
Averange Distance per Leg1873
Average Time per Leg4Hours 40Min
AircarftHeavy – Category D